Thursday, August 6, 2009

In California, Preparing for the John Muir Trail

Rachael and I have made it safely back to the states and yesterday flew out here to San Luis Obispo, CA and are staying at Alyssa's house. Its gorgeous out here and hope it stays this nice on the trail! We have been buying a ton of food and are dehydrating a lot of things. We're almost ready to go. We'll be driving up to Yosemite tomorrow to start the hike and are planning on spending about 20 days to complete it. 

We're shipping all of our food to the various food pick up points. It looks like we will go about 6 days before our first restock, 3 days before the next, 6-7 days until the next and then 3 days until we are finished. Most people don't have the luxury of the last restocking point, but Alyssa's parents are being really helpful and will be driving to a trailhead about 5 miles away from the intersection of the JMT and then hike out to meet us and give us the last 3 days worth of food! They will also meet us at Mount Whitney at the end of the hike which will be awesome.

On a side note, I threw out my back yesterday but it looks like I will still be able to start the hike with Alyssa and Rachael at our planned time. They put me on some steroids and muscle relaxers and I've been doing some exercises and have been doing pretty well. Much better than the last time I threw out my back! If I keep improving at this rate I'll definitely be ready to go with no problems.

So excited!!