Wednesday, August 19, 2009

At Muir Trail Ranch

Hey everyone. I'm still fine and well and am at Muir Trail Ranch right now, about 110 miles in. George and John are great companions and we're all healthy. I just wanted to make sure we could get the meet up point right!

For our resupply/meetup near independence, we will meet you guys at the junction of the bullfrog lake trail and the JMT (the place alyssa showed me on the map at elevation 10560) on Tuesday at 1pm. From there, George and John have decided to change their schedule to match ours and we can then be off the trail 3 days later. We'll be at the summit of Whitney between noon and 1pm on Friday, and then exit that night. (To Rachael and Alyssa) I hope you guys can meet up with us from Independence! The last little bit is pretty tough (41 miles with a lot of ups and downs) after the meetup point, but I think we can do it in 4 days if you're healthy. Anyway, I hope you'r having a good time enjoying california.