Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th Weekend in Goa

This past weekend was quite fun. A little too short though... On Friday Anna, Kyle, Rachael, and I took a 14 hour overnight bus ride from Bangalore to Goa and arrived at about 10am. The busses had AC set to extremely cold but luckily Rachael brought a jacket and I brought a sweatshirt which we put over our faces and it was tolerable. Poor Anna and Kyle though... There were not sheets on the bus and both of them had only short sleeves and shorts. Anna claimed this was colder than the time we wandered London for 4 hours in January without jackets on so I couldn't even imagine their pain! She lost her voice completely from that AC. One good part of the busride though was that when Rachael woke up at night really having to pee (there were no bathrooms on the bus), we walked up to the driver and he stopped so we could go pee on the side of the road. They only stopped 1 or 2 times during the whole 14 hour ride. I guess Indians can just hold it in better than us Americans!



Goa was really pretty and had tons of really lush forrests amidst a ton of rice fields. It was clearly a place for tourists, as the accomodations were quite nice and had a lot of white people there. We stayed at Anjuna beach at a place called Villa Anjuna in these rooms right outside a nice swimming pool. At this place there was also a cafe that served tons of western foods! Actually, the whole time we were there we ate almost all western food which was fantastic.

Unfortunately it was the monsoon season so we couldn't really lay out on the beach. It was always drizzling and the waves were just massive. It was plenty warm though so we walked along the sand and rocks for a while. Kyle and Anna got adventurous and walked onto the rocks to see the wildlife in the tide pools. While they did get to see a whole bunch of crabs, a wave knocked them down and since the rocks were really jagged, they got a bunch of small cuts on their feet and arms. They're fine now though.


Other than that, we didn't do too much there except just relax. And it really was as relaxed as I've been here in India. The trip home though was not quite as much! We took a slower bus home, 16 hours, and it only stopped for a bathroom break once! We realized how little these busses stop so we were sure to drink as little as possible in the hours leading up to it, but Anna still had to pee really badly about 4 or 5 hours in. So we decided all to try to go alongside the road and went up to the bus driver and the conductor to ask them to pee. And the conductor told us to go away. We kept pleading to him that it was an emergency and he just told us to go back and sit down and was kicking at Anna's shoe to get her to move away! So we went back and Anna survived another couple hours until we stopped. What was so surprising though, was that at the last stop when we were getting off and getting our bags, the conductor kept saying "Hello friend! Can you give me a tip? 50 rupees." I don't understand... haha

This is the bus I keep talking about:


The bus on the way back was also extremely bumpy and difficult to sleep on, so I ended up sleeping 11 hours last night to make up for it! That was sure enjoyable. Tonight us 4 plus Siva are going out to find some Chinese food for my bday which I'm sure looking forward to! Oh, and speaking of awesome luck with food, I got switched by default yesterday from B Mess to C mess because B mess all of the sudden closed for the month for some unknown reason. I had been trying to switch for over a month because the food at C mess was ten times better but they wouldn't let me because their paper book keeping system is so complex/old fashioned you can't really change things so easily. So as of today I have good food for all my meals!