Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some Pictures of Indian Food

One of the biggest differences between living here and at home is definitely the food. Apparently some foreigners at NCBS can't deal with it and end up eating a lot of cookies and bread. Luckily I find most of it quite good (except the food at B mess which I do not need to eat anymore!). One thing that is still difficult to get used to though, is eating with my hands! Some things like chappathi or pastries are of course easy to eat with your hands, but most things are not. For instance, today at lunch I ate Rice, Chappathi, Yoghurt, an Egg in a bowl of sauce, and masala. And boy was it messy. No one looked at me funny when my right hand was covered in sauce and rice because they were all doing it too! In fact, they are still slightly more messy than me because at the end of all their meals, they pour buttermilk on their remaining rice, mix it up really well, and eat the soupy concoction with just their right hand. Kind of unsightly to watch, but they do it with unbelievable efficiency!

Anyway, here is an example of some Tamil food we had on one of our trips there:

[Edit] The image did not load correctly. Here is a link to someone else's picture of pretty much the same meal:

That green thing is a banana leaf. Some guy with three tins of different sauce walks around and continues to scoop more onto your leaf as you eat until you fold the thing closed. It was quite tasty actually, even though I'm not a big fan of their rice here.

What I am a big fan of though, is their desert. This little guy is soooo delicious. Don't know what its called though. I think it starts with a J. My other favorite desert is Mysorepak and I'll be sure to bring a bunch home with me.


And I should definitely post a picture of that way too spicy Gobi Manchurian. Haven't gotten the courage to try it again but it'll happen since its probably the tastiest food I've had here.


And this is a typical breakfast over at NCBS. Tea and Dosa with sauce. At IISc we usually have these doughnuts that are spicy instead of sweet called vada with some spicy white sauce.


And then you have the desert that everyone here seems to prefer: