Friday, July 31, 2009

Almost time to leave

Everything is wrapping up here nicely and I'm having no problems moving out thankfully! It was sad saying bye to my ultimate friends I've made here since yesterday was the last time I would be playing with them. I will probably miss them the most along with Siva when I leave here. Rachael asked me the other day what I would miss most and after a long while of thinking the only two things I could think of were the new friends I made and having so extremely little to worry about. Even though there are infinitely many perks to living in the states over living here, having almost no pressures while still having a great group of friends is amazing.


Unrelated, but I apologize for the timebeing about being slow to respond to e-mails and such because the system here is having all sorts of problems with authenticating me on certain huge sites. I can't access gmail, facebook, or even my ewbuw site. Hopefully I'll have access soon!


Tomorrow we are traveling to Mysore finally to explore a huge palace and see some extremely old temples. There is one that is 4000 years old! Then on Sunday I am leaving for the airport and will be back in Naperville Monday morning bright and early. Rachael and I then have two days to pack our bags, buy any extra camping supplies, and head out to California to meet Alyssa and get ready for the John Muir Trail. We'll be starting the actual hike one week from tomorrow! I think I would be really sad about leaving here if it weren't for this hike. 


Anna, Kyle, Rachael and I are going out to dinner with Rachael's labmates now so I have to go. I hope to get in touch with all of you soon!