Monday, September 28, 2009

Life has really calmed down

I'm now back into the regular groove of things at Madison after a lot of fun traveling this summer. The John Muir Trail was absolutely amazing and would take a very long time to tell about all of those experiences. I wish I had gotten cell phone reception more often during the trail, but as expected, I was out of service for the last 10 or so days so I couldn't send updates. I do want to write about this trip eventually but I think Jon will be taking care of this for me! He is planning on making one of those personalized books for each of us hikers to have and I'll definitely help him collaborate. I think this is a great idea for keeping these memories forever, especially since both Jon and I have relatively poor memories. I'm finally getting around to posting my photos from the trip on facebook ( and if I find myself bored at some point in this next week I may write more about this on this blog. If I don't do it soon though I know it will never happen since my research is going to be getting into full swing really soon!

I'm enjoying being settled down for a little while now but I know I'll soon be itching to go somewhere interesting again. My next possible trip would be to Orongo, Kenya in January with Engineers Without Borders. A few days ago I was brought up to speed with what I missed on this project so I'm pumped to be back into the swing of things!