Monday, July 12, 2010

Code For This Site

I've decided to make the source code for this site publicly available. You are welcome to download it, use it, modify it or do anything else you want with it. It is available here. I have also uploaded a rather detailed README that should get the site up and running for you if you do decide to play around with it.

Getting this site up and running took a bit of time and during the process I was always wishing I could just see the full source code for some other django sites. This site uses the re-usable apps philosophy where the site itself is just a settings file and a url conf while all of the actual work is done by a number of reusable apps. While this philosophy makes perfect sense and seems like a great way to build a site, almost all of the django tutorials out there do not preach this view. Instead, they tend to show overly-simplified example sites that have a monolithic design. Thus, I hope my source code provides a useful reference to someone else out there who wants to adopt a reusable apps approach to their django site.