Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kicking Off This Site

I'm really excited to be putting this new website up today! I had been using this posterous blog for travel updates while I was in India and hiking the John Muir Trail last summer. And I was using a different blog for my recent trip to Kenya. However, I am infinitely more excited about this one.

I have recently been working with Python and the Django web development framework for an ultimate frisbee site I'm creating (I'm being a bit secretive about its details :P) and realized I missed a major step in the learning process. After learning a lot about the Django community, it seems that creating your own blog is something of a rite of passage in becoming a legit developer. Thus, I took a step back from my original project, and spent the last week or so coding this site.

The time spent on this site was well worth it, and I learned plenty of things about both development and deployment. And now that I have this blog, I actually have a place where I can talk about useful things that I've learned!

The code behind this site is fairly straightforward and after I clean it up and document it better, I'll be releasing it so you all can do whatever you want with it. Very few sites make their entire codebase open source (and there are plenty of good reasons for this!), so it would have been nice while I was writing this to be able to view the source for a full Django project like this. There are plenty of open source Django applications strewn about the web which are useful to both use and learn from, but full projects that included url confs and templates are of the most use to brand new users of the framework.

I'd like to be able to tell you how often I'll be posting to this blog, but I really can't say. Probably around once a month? I do have an idea about what I'll be posting on at least. I'll share useful information when I see something that more people should know about, especially in regards to technology and programming. And I'll also use this blog to talk about fun experiences in my life such as ultimate, hiking, or traveling. Hopefully I'll become a better writer in the process!

Thanks for stopping by!