Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where are all the Naysayers?

I must be surrounded by the best group of people alive, because I can't seem to find any negative feedback on Leaguevine from anyone. I'm not so much talking about whether or not my users are happy (which they certainly appear to be), but I'm talking about friends, family, colleagues, professors, and strangers I have talked about my ideas with.

I can't tell you how many times over the past 2 months of business classes that I've been told "Don't let the naysayers slow your progress. People are going to tell you your idea sucks, but you can't let this get you down." Just tonight I was at an entrepreneurship dinner and the entrepreneur I was talking gave this same advice, saying how a lot of professors and colleagues on campus told him his idea was bad, but he had to fight through this and just kept on going.

Why is no one telling me my idea stinks?

Am I just lucky and happen to be running into only people who are super encouraging towards entrepreneurs? If this is the case, is this lucky? Could it be better to have some people shoot you down so you can learn what the opposition is thinking? Is there any way my idea really that good that everyone seems to like it?

Or is it just that no one knows anything about Twitter or Ultimate Frisbee and they don't want to reject an idea in a realm they don't know anything about? Maybe that's it.

Regardless of why, all I know is that I've had it extremely easy. These endless streams of encouragement only push me harder to produce my highest quality stuff.

If anyone out there who pushed me forward is reading this, I'd just like to say thanks!