Friday, August 19, 2011

Setting up my Hackintosh on my Toshiba Satellite M55-S329

I'll go through the process of turning my 6 year old Toshiba Satellite into a brand new Hackintosh. So far it's working great! Wifi and all! And best of all, it didn't take much time at all to set up.

First, I have to give credits to the two best sources for this that I found:

Not everything went totally smooth for me, though, so I'll walk through each step in a bit more detail than in those links above.
  1. First, you should download iDeneb 1.4 via torrents. This is an iso image of an OSX installer that works phenomenally. 
  2. Burn this iso image onto a disk. If you're already using OSX like me, use disk utility as explained here.
  3. Partition your harddrive. Since you probably already have windows installed on your Toshiba, you can download the free Partition Wizard which works beautifully. You need to make a fairly large OSX partition. Since you're in windows you won't be able to format this partition as Mac OS Extended Journaled, but you need to create a blank partition and give it a drive name such as "D:\".
  4. Insert the iDeneb disk and restart the computer. Boot from the disk by hitting F12 at startup. 
  5. When you reach the first iDeneb install screen, it asks you to choose which drive you would like to install it on, but doesn't show any drives to choose from. This is because you need to format your blank partition. Simply choose Disk Utility from the utilities drop down, select your blank partition, and erase that partition while choosing Mac OS Extended Journaled. You can then exit the Disk Utility and choose this new partition you created as the place to install osx.
  6. At the screen where it prompts you to install, you need to first click on the "options" or "configuration" button to choose which drivers (kexts) you want installed. Choose exactly the options specified here.
  7. Click install and wait a while. Then just go through the regular startup questionaire.
  8. After it boots up, everything except wifi/ethernet should be working. Download the post-install files from this insanelymac thread using a computer with internet. Also download Intel PRO/Wireless 220BG driver. Place them on a flash drive, and open the folder on your Toshiba.
  9. Install the AppleYukon kext, then the Seatbelt Kext, and finally the Intel Pro/Wireless driver kext that you downloaded from project: camphor. You can use this guide for installing kexts
  10. Reboot and cross your fingers!
The thing to note that I did differently than in those links above is that I used a different method for getting wifi up and working. I didn't use the iwi installer, and instead used the camphor installer.

After using my new hackintosh for a little bit, the biggest shortcoming is that the wifi can connect only to unauthenticated or WEP encrypted networks, not WPA or WPA2. This is a bit inconvenient. Further, since this computer is so old, even though OSX is running smoothly, the hardware limitations make streaming video choppy, and of course the battery life kind of sucks. 

That being said, I now have a fully working hackintosh that I can use for development when I'm away from my desktop. Awesome.