Monday, July 4, 2011

Mud cave!

Sorry I still haven't given any updates on last week's adventures and I probably won't for another few days at least, but I wanted to post this photo after a fun afternoon. We took a tour to a mud cave right outside Yangshuo today and it was exactly how it sounded. It was a huge cave that we took a boat into to start. After that, we walked much farther into the cave and wore some cheap helmets because the ceilings were low and we were all constantly bumping our heads. After a while, we arrived at a designated area where we could jump into the super muddy water and splash around for a while!

It was kind of gross and cold at first, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. I really liked floating on the surface because the mud made us so buoyant. Our guide took a photo which we bought and I am attaching a copy of it I took with my iPhone. Fun!

After the mud bath, we bathed in some natural hot springs in the cave which was awesome. The whole adventure was pretty short and lasted less than 3 hours, but was certainly worth the tiny entry fee.

We then came back and had lunch at our favorite restaurant in town for under $2 each. Now we have to figure out a way to get our clothes cleaned up before leaving for Guilin tomorrow! From Guilin, we're catching a flight to Hainan, China's southern island with tons of beaches where we'll spend almost a full week. We're really excited and booked a fairly inexpensive room ($35/night) supposedly on a quiet beach with big windows looking out at the water. Laying around on the fine sand there sounds like a great way to spend my birthday! Rachael and I will probably write more updates after we get settled in and have soaked up the sun for a while. Zaijian!