Friday, November 25, 2011

Almost 4 months in

I've been working full time on Leaguevine for almost 4 months now, and things are finally beginning to click for me. It's a completely different lifestyle, and I'm finally accepting the fact that it takes a while to adapt to it. Things like self-motivation, prioritization, setting deadlines, and staying organized are all things that I never had to deal with before since school basically took care of all that for me. These tasks are becoming easier every day, and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything at this point!

A couple nights ago I realized just how much I love what I'm doing. I was hanging out with friends who were back in town for Thanksgiving until 2:30am, and despite having a blast catching up with those guys, all I could think about on my drive home was how pumped I was to finish implementing our oauth2 server for our API. Indeed, I went right to work when I got home (don't worry - I hadn't been drinking with my friends) and worked until I was just too exhausted. I went to bed really happy.

We have yet to release our core product to the world, and won't do so for another few months, but I imagine once all our cool stuff goes live and we have more users, this experience will only get better.