Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fixing tech startup incorporation documents

A year ago I incorporated Leaguevine myself without using any lawyers. I wrote about it here and heavily relied upon the Orrick company document templates. I realized back then that there was a good chance I would screw some stuff up and decided it would be better for Leaguevine to first get some funding or free access to lawyers and at that point revise anything I messed up.

Turns out this approach worked great.

I am currently attending The Iron Yard accelerator program in Greenville, SC and this program gave us not only funding and connections, but also free legal services from a quality law firm called Wyche. Our lawyer there took care of all the amendments where necessary for free and now we have a great set of documents. He told us that the templates that we used were excellent and far better than a lot of the templates he sees self-incorporators use. So I'm glad we used the Orrick templates and saved him a lot of work.

I'm really happy I decided not to pay for legal services at the very start of this company.