About me

Hi, I'm Mark, and this is my blog. I am currently working full time as a founder of Leaguevine, and am enjoying every minute of it. This blog is mainly based around web development with some of my thoughts on other things sprinkled in. Of these other things, ultimate frisbee, backpacking, traveling, and Engineers Without Borders are the most likely topics.

My goals for this blog

  1. Share useful information. I often encounter challenges that take a surprising amount of time to overcome. However, the amount of time has been cut down drastically thanks to the countless other bloggers out there sharing very helpful posts. If I discover something that that would be useful to others, it would be a shame to not share it with the world.
  2. Have a platform to talk about random things when I want. There are an estimated 100+ million blogs on the internet so it looks like I'm not the only one with this desire!
  3. Put a face to the sites I write. I'm sure most of you out there would like to know who is producing the content you are consuming.
  4. Build some sort of documentation of my life. I really enjoy going back and looking at things I wrote from past years. I plan to continue doing this for a long time.

Contact me


Web development is fun

I have been programming for over 9 years for schoolwork, research, and as a hobby. I have a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from UCLA and an MS in Computer Science from UW-Madison. During my second Master's degree in Environment and Resources, I also did a significant amount of software development while implementing new remote sensing classification algorithms.

Being in computer science for so long, I have acquired many technical skills that are sometimes useful. Although I'm not looking for a job right now, you are still welcome to view my resume and/or contact me if you think we may be able to work together on something. 

My favorite language is Python by a wide margin and thus for web development I am a huge fan of the Django web framework. This site is built using Django and the source code is available for you to download off my github page.

Ultimate frisbee is my favorite sport

I started playing in 2003, and it doesn't look like I'll ever stop. I've played on various college teams (Burninators, Smaug, Pimpdags), club teams (SPUN, Teddy Grumpskins, Test Tickle Me Elmo), recreational league teams (MUFA, LAOUT), single tournament teams (at events like Potlatch), and of course intramural teams. Every single one was a ton of fun.

I occasionally go backpacking

There is nothing as refreshing as being days removed from technology and all our usual daily routines. As much as I love computers and programming, I feel like it makes me even more appreciative of getting outside, breathing fresh air, and leaving all my usual worries behind.

In 2009 I luckily had enough free time to hike the entire 210 mile John Muir Trail in one go. It was absolutely beautiful. You can view pictures of it here, here, and here.

Engineers Without Borders has been a huge part of my life

From 2007-2011, I was heavily involved in the UW-Madison chapter of Engineers Without Borders. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Kenya on four separate occasions for 3-4 weeks at a time including our project's first two assessment trips back in 2008 and 2009. These adventures really opened my eyes to the world and I honestly don't know where I would be without the experiences EWB has given me.

I was the project manager for our chapter's Kenya project for one year, which taught me an incredible amount about leadership and dealing with people. The cultural differences between our Kenyan contacts and ourselves are often very challenging, and have helped me to become much more open-minded. Although I am no longer officially involved, this project will always mean a lot to me and I will always help out whenever I'm needed.

I've uploaded several photos from my January 2010 trip to Facebook which you can view here. I uploaded a lot more pictures from our very first trip in albums here, here, here, and here.

I founded Leaguevine

Instead of getting a job out of college, I decided to go straight into starting a business. Feel free to check out the site, follow the blog, or read more about it on our about page. I am extremely lucky to be able to combine so many things I love and work on them all day. I get to spend most my time doing software development in any languages I want and can determine the entire direction of the product. I am privileged to work and collaborate with some amazing people am working on something in the world of Ultimate Frisbee and recreational sports which I can't get enough of. The best part of all this is probably the fact that I have a chance to build something from the ground up.